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by Benglay Fernandez on Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 1:30am

My Father, Albano Lamaton Died on Saturday, August 01,2009 at around 6:15 Philippine Time. He was 86 years old when he passed away and my mom FE Lamaton died January 09, 2012. She was 76. Their  Death was sudden, quite expected but hard to accept. And while the moment of their departures seems to be peaceful, its still hard to believe people full of vitality, strength, humor and love could fade. They left this world with my sisters and grandchildren on their side.  I am touched by my relatives, Friends, brothers and sisters  who were present during thier weakest moments for they experienced that once in a lifetime experience  when you see the strongest people you’ve always looked up to, passing away. I thank you all for the undying love, care and support that you have all extended to my family. That gave us  the strength to keep fighting to sustain us in our final moments to see our loving parents go home. I also thank  all the people who gave respect to thier wake…. The joy and radiant presence they shared, and time they have shared with us to give  us  more reasons to keep going even though we  lost the  PARENTS we have loved  and owed our lives.

My DAD / MOM  are the finest people I have ever known.. Their spirit will always live in my heart.

They were  a self-made people of extraordinary magnitude, extremely intelligent in their own ways, successful , and full of light and humor even at the most difficult times in my growing  life.

They were my source of strength and inspiration. During my growing years I was your most difficult child , but for whatever reason you both  gave me that 100% unconditional, undying love and hopes that I will still rise amidst my turbulent teenage years.

Dad / MOM I cant find the right words to discribe you both, coz you were perfect in my sight…Pages and pages of paper is not enough to write everything that you’ve done to keep me going.

I try to put a face of you in my mind and all I see is vastness of joy… how could you have that kind of love and patience????

You were a perfect parents  and provider to the family. I still remeber that first guitar that you gave when I was still in grade 6… Dad I just miss you… and Mom for all those nights that you have to stay awake just to hear me sneak back home at night, and pretend that nothing happened in the morning….. You were such a ray of sunshine…I LOVE YOU BOTH….

I dont like to think that you’re both  gone… call it denial but if I have to, then let it be… You will always be alive in my heart and mind. I know that whenever I go home in Barlig there will always be that warmth welcome and light shining in our house to greet me back…

I will gonna miss the times that I make plans to go home to the Philippines and there’s both of you,  so proud that I made it. You were the one’s who made me make it here to Canada, without your pushing and financial help I would have never made it….THANK YOU DAD / MOM…

Now, I go home and there is no one to remind me how difficult it was to have me as a daughter…

There is nobody by that kitchen door to sit and guard so the dogs wont come in…

No one to give a lengthy prayer during meals and no one to crack jokes when things are serious…

….I Miss you both a lot…

Maybe now I should let you go….temporarily …knowing that someday we will meet and it will be at a better place…

GOD was your strenght all your life so I know that you’re both at peace….

You will always be remembered here on earth, with your light shining to all the lives that you have touched.


My beloved father

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Poetry for Barlig

Express how you dearly love and care about your home, Barlig:

Finding my solace

The sun emits its rays at last. And as the aroma of rice grains filled the new morning, I, standing barefoot in the middle of the field, felt serenity.

Yearly, I would find time to come home to this Ili despite the work pressures I have to endure in my workplace. For me, having an escapade at least once in a long year satisfies my longing to stay permanently.

The welcoming nod of my kailian whenever they see or meet me walking the path bound home is so much comforting. In the city where I work, hundreds of people I meet would not share a nod with a stranger like me. Here, I am very much blessed for a lot of people whom I don’t know give me a warm smile and sometimes, they would share some words with me.

In this home, people live a simple life. They don’t need to pay pamasahe – free rides and a brisk or even a relaxed walk will save you that expensive fare. And besides, the soothing sight of the rice fields and the vast expanse of mossy mountains are already enough to calm the tiredness from a walk.

A cold bath from the verdant waterfalls and mighty rivers somehow washes away the pressures I got from living in an urban setting.

Considered lucky, I can also tap my feet along with the sounds of the gongs played. Though I don’t know how to manuraw (dance the ethnic way), which I regret very much, the powerful reverberation from the pattong creates a euphoric feeling inside me.

The chirps of the birds every time I wake up adds to that. These are the times when I am thankful for my ears are away from the rambling sounds of the city.

So as I ride the muddy jitney that will lead me to a bus going back to the city, I felt a twinge in my heart for I am leaving my home again. But one thing for sure will always go with me. The thought that I have a home like this place is already enough.

I am glad that I belong.

These are paragraphs of thoughts from Linyan (Cristine Sidchogan), of how she misses Barlig.

Have you got poems, poetry, thoughts you composed for Barlig?
Express and share them here. Ps. contact.

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