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About the site

This site was initiated in 2008 and it has been open for suggestions, comments and contributions hoping to encourage people to participate and just say anything about Barlig. However, only few people has expressed some ideas and positiveness (thank you for that), but the hits showed a high number so thank you for those who made an effort to visit the blog. Creating this wasn’t easy for a person who doesn’t know web designing but all we need is a simple website where we can gather and put information about Barlig.

For the moment, as I myself who is currently administering the site is very away from home and have no contacts to give updates. The website has created the pages and some are waiting for time to be filled in by our Kakailiyans. I will leave it as it is until new efforts or inputs come along.  People who have visited this place of ours please share a piece about your experience in Barlig.

It is in need of contributors covering photos, videos, songs, chants, travel guides, news, articles, literatures, stories. Have you got old pictures of Barlig and it’s people? Definitely needed. Barlig would mean Central Barlig, Lias, and Kadaclan. Anything related to Barlig that we would like to promote and let the world know. We can preserve them online and become accessible by anyone. This would be a good portal connection and information for all the people of Barlig, to those who have love this place of ours, to our kakailiyans living locally or abroad. We can be all proud of our place, at least!

Suggestions and any kind of support is very much appreciated. Please contact at the site’s own email address: barlig2623@yahoo.com.ph.

Ps. this site is everyones! Password is open to those who would like to volunteer, administer, author or edit! Just contact.

Thank you. Saramat…

[Truly Yours, Langfia]


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